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CA Preparation Tips

We have reached the half-way mark in Term 1.

Lots of new concepts and skills gained. Soon, it’s CA 1 for most students. Wordgrow coaches will be sharing a few tips as our students prepare for their CA.

Pointer #1 by Coach Syakir:

Look through past mistakes and understand where you went wrong so you don’t repeat them.

Pointer #2 by Coach Jasmin:

You’ve read up on a Science topic a few times.

You’ve probably memorised a big chunk of information from the topic.

What next?

Explain the main points to a friend, parent or sibling.

If you’re able to explain clearly without referring to your textbook, you’re on the right track!

Pointer #3 by Coach Naz:

Draw it, remember it, keep it.

Many students draw diagrams and concept maps to help remember facts. Take one step further.

Keep those diagrams and maps in one file so you can flip through them nearer your test date.

This will help you recall the facts faster and feel assured that you know your stuff!