Introducing Study Group for 2016


Introducing Study Group for 2016

Studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology by Prof H Sigmundsson et al (2013) support task specificity such that acing one area of Maths does not mean we will ace all areas UNLESS we practise, practise and practise.

The football player who practises penalty kicks with a perfectly placed shot will become good at exactly this. He may not necessarily be good at defence or tackle without…well, you get it, PRACTICE.

Have an undying LOVE for Maths and Science PRACTICE? We invite students to join us and appreciate the joy of starting early on your PSLE journey.

Registration opens NOW! Seats are limited. So, hurry, email us today to:

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CA Preparation Tips

We have reached the half-way mark in Term 1.

Lots of new concepts and skills gained. Soon, it’s CA 1 for most students. Wordgrow coaches will be sharing a few tips as our students prepare for their CA.

Pointer #1 by Coach Syakir:

Look through past mistakes and understand where you went wrong so you don’t repeat them.

Pointer #2 by Coach Jasmin:

You’ve read up on a Science topic a few times.

You’ve probably memorised a big chunk of information from the topic.

What next?

Explain the main points to a friend, parent or sibling.

If you’re able to explain clearly without referring to your textbook, you’re on the right track!

Pointer #3 by Coach Naz:

Draw it, remember it, keep it.

Many students draw diagrams and concept maps to help remember facts. Take one step further.

Keep those diagrams and maps in one file so you can flip through them nearer your test date.

This will help you recall the facts faster and feel assured that you know your stuff!

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Countdown to the New School Year Tips

It is that time again! Countdown to the new school year begins in a couple of weeks.  And for parents whose first child is about to enter P1, the countdown has probably begun.

Uniform and shoes, ready!  School bag and books, ready!  So what’s next?

Wordgrow trainers and coaches will be sharing occasional tips these few weeks as parents get their children ready for 2 January 2014.

Countdown to a new school year!

Tip #1:  Involve them

From choosing the school bag to labeling water bottles, let’s involve our children in preparing for the new school year.  Let them participate in decision-making when choosing their stationery and other personal effects and weave in advice about taking good care of their belongings. As parents, it’s always so much easier to get these things done quickly on our own, but our children will miss the significant opportunities to develop their sense of ownership and preparedness.

Tip #2: Visualise it!

New environment, bigger class, many more classmates and teachers, busier routines………….the list goes on. The more they know what to expect in the new school, the more mentally prepared our children will be.

Let’s help children feel calm about starting this new chapter by sharing experiences, stories and conveying what school will be like. A child may be anxious and needs to know details in order to handle the new experience confidently.

Take them through what first day will be like – well that’s useful even for adults starting a new job!

Tip #3: Healthy Lifestyle

2nd January is approaching!
Excitement is really kicking in, even for parents. Let’s run through our final checklist:

Determine when lights out should be on a typical school night. It may take a few days for children to adjust (or re-adjust) to a new routine, so train early.

Brain food
Yes, we all know the importance of breakfast. Studies like the one from Harvard (Kleinman et al, 1998) have shown a link between eating a healthy breakfast and not just good grades in school, but positive behaviour as well! So let’s stock up on brain food this weekend!

This ends our ‘Countdown to the New School Year’ series. Wordgrow wishes all our parents, students and trainers a positive year ahead!